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    We colaborate with clients to build a custom website that suits your business!

GenNext Software Solutions Inc. is a Web Solution provider organization. We are a one stop web solution provider across the globe. We offer specially customized IT solutions to our clients that are designed to cater their needs. This enables you to worry about your core business while letting us worry about your online presence, which is our core business. We have a mutually beneficial relationship with small and medium scale establishments who have grown to trust us as an outsourcing partner for all IT needs.

Who we are

GenNext Software Solutions Inc. is a trend setter when it comes to building custom websites science 2003. With nearly 5 years in the industry, we feel ready to take on new challenges and consolidate our position as a market leader.

The GenNext Team

Our team is comprised of highly qualified and ambitious developers who are better equipped to understand customer needs and deliver custom websites. With a combined experience of more than 150years spread between fortune 50 companies and other emerging leaders, every challenge is an opportunity to conquer and shine. We are passionate about what we do and need no excuse to do it.

Customer Friendly Support

We know and understand the need for an exceptional customer service in any customer support business. That is why we strive to cater for every concern from our clients. We also audit all sites to ensure that clients are receiving the service that they have come to expect from us. We are there for you all day, every day when you need us. We give all issues and clients an equal importance. Our clients can interact with us through email, telephone and chat from the four corners of the globe and we promise a prompt response every time.


As a commitment to quality service, we only employ developers having good exposure in the business. We treat any incidence of a customer suggestion very seriously and see it as an opportunity to improve ourselves.


We take this opportunity to express the most profound appreciation to all those who have been of inspiration and guidance throughout our journey to be whom we are today. We continue t0o value your input and will never be too big to listen and learn. A special thank you also goes to our partners who have been there to help with our hardware problems from day ONE. The biggest thank you is reserved for our clients especially those who had to make do with our teething problems.

Web Developer

Website Design & Development

With latest technologies in the market
HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery

'GenNext Software Solutions Inc.’ has excellent talent in all latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJs, Backbone.js etc to make your website awesome & user-friendly.


At Salt, we have small but very productive team of PHP & MySQL experts. We also work on other server side technologies like Node.js, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB etc.

We have expert web developers who are experts in WordPress & other frameworks. WordPress is leading PHP framework and over 60 million websites are powered by it.

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